Today's micro system technologies allow the realization of products with high variety and density in functionality. Since the number of processes and techniques still increases, the user's task is to identify and to adapt the best suiting technology for his specific needs. Therefore, our service typically starts with a technology consulting. We give you all necessary informations: Is your blueprint already suited for realization? Which are the manufacturing techniques for your product? How does your concept fit into the demands of production? Which are the costs you'll have to estimate? 

Facilities / Cooperation Partners

We are working in cooperation with the Institute for Microsensors, -actuators and -systems IMSAS and the microfab Service GmbH in a cleanroom with 4" and 6" silicon wafer production line. Due to the cooperation of three partners, we are able to offer projects from basic research to high volume production.

  • IMSAS - basic research projects
  • Protron - development projects, small to medium volume production
  • microfab - high volume production